048 • 2021

A few days in town

– Look dad! Look how far up we are!

Our eldest turns out to be tall enough to go on quite a few of the more exciting rides at the amusement park. She’s apprehensive at first, but as the day progresses she’s up for crazier and crazier attractions.

Just before heading home we dare to go on one of the tallest rides. She’s giggling as the big swing picks up speed. The wind is cooler this far up. She screams and laughs as the moon rises like a golden balloon on the pink sky. We see everything from here. We’re spinning faster and faster. Now I’m laughing too.

We’re in town for a few days to get our second doses. I’ve not been downtown more than once or twice since this whole thing started. I take a walk around the familiar blocks while I wait for my reserved time slot.

We meet with friends for a barbecue. It’s more than a while since we spent time with others like this. It’s so good to just hang out. It’s crazy to think about how much we’ve been missing.

GEAR — Fuji X100T

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