041 • 2021


I walk for quite a while. Cutting across the crest by the amphitheater, down the winding road, under the subway tracks, through the woods and then back along the old factory-worker houses. I don’t mind the rain... that’s something having a dog leaves you with I guess.

Lately I’ve enjoyed taking strolls during lunch. Often rather short, sometimes a bit farther. In the busy day to day this has been one of few regular chances to clear my head for a bit.

The day to day cadence has stayed the same as it’s been for a while now. But as brigther, warmer days arrived, the season changed almost explosively. Evenings started becoming brighter, seeing us spend even more time outside. All of the sudden, summer is around the corner.

GEAR — Leica M Typ 262 & Voigtländer 50/1.2

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