060 • 2021

Gräsö in February

It’s been quite a while since we were at our country house last. With a good few storms passing through recently, checking in felt overdue.

I head up on my own over the weekend. Getting some time to myself is certainly uncommon and honestly feels well needed.

As I take a walk down to the sea I realize that I haven’t ever been here in quite these sorts of conditions before. I spend some time shooting at a slow and considered pace before starting to head back to the house. It’s ages since I’ve had a chance to shoot in this manner. Nice!

My plan was to stick around and work from here for a day or two. However, ongoing maintenance work at the local base station means that the mobile broadband is way too slow. So my stay ends up shorter than planned.

I take one last walk before heading home — exploring the familiar surroundings, rendered unfamiliar by the season and conditions. It’s hard to pull myself away from the sun setting over the sea, but it’s time to make my way back.

GEAR — Leica M Typ 262 & Voigtländer 50/1.5 II

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