051 • 2021


– Ok, so if I take them during your workshop, can you take over afterwards so I can join my meeting?
– Yeah, that’s fine, but I need to head in now in that case.
– Go for it.

In what would turn out a recurring theme for the month (and in fact all of autumn) the kids are home sick. With a lot going on at both of our jobs we patch the days together as best we can, trying to balance keeping the kids happy and maintaining momentum at work. Every day’s a puzzle.

Another recurring theme is our eldest’s keenness to head to the amusement park. We miss out on a bunch of other fun stuff over the course of the month, due to illness, and so we figure it’s a nice substitute. Me and her head there on a chilly afternoon. There aren’t too many visitors and lines are short, allowing us to go on a ton of rides. It’s a nice silver lining on an otherwise rough month.

Every now and then there are pockets of regularity. Routines, playgrounds, activities, doing the dishes, laundry, fixing flat tires. Before long the month slips into a new one.

GEAR — Leica M Typ 262 & Voigtländer 50/1.2 or Sony RX100

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