046 • 2021


We don’t know at the time, but this ends up being the last time we visit this park before it’s demolished. We must’ve been here hundreds and hundreds of times by now. Ever since our eldest was just a baby.

I hold her hand as she climbs the stairs and then takes the slide down. My mind wanders as she starts playing in the big sandbox.

Despite the hour it’s warm. Really warm... Summer’s close.

There are things to wrap up at work still. My thoughts dwell on a few todos for a bit, taking mental notes on the main priorities for the next few days.

Wow, it’s hot! Maybe a swim would be nice.. I shoot a text to my wife.
– Heading home in a sec. Want to go to the beach?
– Sure, I’ll pack the cargo bike

I squat next to my kid. Helping her fill a bucket with sand, I’m conscious to keep my mind in the moment.

We flip the bucket to make a castle. She immediately flattens it, stands up and runs away laughing. – Rascal!

Lately she’s running more often than walking. Her poor knees point to her not having it quite figured out just yet.

GEAR — Leica M Typ 262 & Voigtländer 50/1.2 or Fuji X100T

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