034 • 2020

Recently: December

Heading to daycare with both kids for the first time, my gut feel was that there was no way that it was already time for this.

Of course, intellectually I knew full well that my parental leave was coming to a close. But it still snuck up on me.

While I do look forward to getting back to work, I feel melancholy that my time dedicated just to her is already up.

Over the course of the month we ease in to a new routine. For a while, with both kids on different schedules, everything seems to revolve around pick-ups and drop-offs.

Despite (or maybe because of) the grim news lately we try to get in the proper holiday spirit. Getting a tree, mailing off cheerful greetings, buying presents, making holiday treats (we’re now entrusted with grandma’s gingerbread recipe). I’ve got to say that it all feels surprisingly comforting.

Getting the holiday spirit on by adapting traditions to the times.

Almost there, almost done with this turd of a year, that despite everything has still been filled with precious moments.

GEAR — Leica M Typ 262 & Voigtländer 50/1.2

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