019 • 2020

Recently: March

For the first few weeks it seemed like any other month.

We were renovating our bathroom, went to a friends birthday party and hung out at playgrounds. We’ve been house hunting and finally found something that felt like a good fit.

Sure we’d read the news about a new bug causing problems in China. And it was starting to sound like things might be awry in Italy. But it certainly didn’t seem like something to be all that concerned about.

Gradually, then suddenly, everything changed.

Spotting healthcare workers in full protective gear running into a neighboring house, unusual emergency vehicles on the freeway and an empty subway train on a Friday night where all things that made it clear to me that we didn’t live in the same world as we used to.

By the end of the month I was working from home and we had passed on buying that house we’d found. Birthday parties, get togethers, trips and other events that we had planned had all been cancelled.

We’re safe though. Healthy for now – all that matters. That, and having enough coffee.

GEAR used in this entry: Leica M Typ 262 with the Voigtländer 40/1.4 Nokton or the Fuji X100T.

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