008 • 2019

Carl Eldh’s Ateljé

I pick up the pace as I head up the hill. It took longer to get here than I’d thought. Around the bend I spot it. Finally, I’m here.

Carl Eldh was a prolific and popular Swedish sculptor in the early 20th century. He had a studio built on a hilltop in northern Stockholm. Since his death in 1954 his studio acts as a museum.

I can’t claim to have ever been that into sculpture, but an article on Eldh’s studio caught my eye a while back. The combination of very purposeful architecture, the preserved sense of the space as a workshop more than a museum as well as the visual impact of so many sculptures in the same small space definitely came across as something unique.

As the opening hours are less than generous it’s taken me quite some time to make my way there. But once I had a chance to visit I must say it was a striking place. It was fascinating to see this an almost overwhelming amount of sculptures of such great variation. I found the interplay between the small and big pieces particularly fascinating. The level of craft on display is just astonishing (how can so much of these peoples personality shine through in plaster?). The space itself is wonderful. Oh, and the light was just fantastic.

I didn’t end up being able to spend a ton of time at the museum (those opening hours...) but can definitely see myself going back as even the brief visit I made was quite memorable.

GEAR used in this entry: Leica M4-P with the Voigtländer Skopar 28/3.5 or Heliar 75/2.5.

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